USB: Ukraine Schweiz Bern

non-governmental association based in Bern (Switzerland)

What we do 

The USB purpose is to promote exchanges between Switzerland and Ukraine in the humanitarian, cultural, educational, social and economic fields, in order to meet the needs of rehabilitation, reconstruction and development of Ukraine during the war and in the post-war period.

For this we cooperate with other public organisations, companies, the academic community and self-governing bodies in Switzerland and Ukraine, as well as with national and sub-national authorities in Ukraine and federal and cantonal authorities in Switzerland.

USB Ukraine Schweiz Bern

USB carries out activities and implements projects in the following areas:

Cultural and educational projects in Ukraine and Switzerland.

Support to Ukrainian citizens residing in Switzerland as refugees.

Exchange and transfer of know-how for development in Ukraine.



Fundraising Campaign

The raised funds will be used to support:

Families with children suffering from destruction and living in underground shelters (winter gear, beds and mattresses, cooking and heating devices, children’s education materials)

Communities on the front line rescuing civilians and organizing civic resistance (medical kits and equipment, rescue equipment and firefighting gear, batteries, generators)

BEKB Bank, 3001 Bern — IBAN CH04 0079 0016 6077 9192 3 — BIC/SWIFT KBBECH22XXX

Your contribution will do more as we work through local volunteers, we purchase goods in Ukraine to support the local economy and we avoid corruption risks delivering directly to people.
We issue private and corporate donors tax exemption certificates. 

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For more questions, information and comments please write to us here.

Marktgasse 32, 3011 Bern

Olena Krylova, Chairperson +41798214685 (WhatsApp and Viber)

Svitlana Musina, Education Coordinator  +41793424994 (WhatsApp and Viber)